Meet The Team

Ashley 'Flash' Nickols

LX Specialist

Ash is the brains behind our lighting magic.

Having the ability to pick out things that other people wouldn’t he creates spectacular lighting effects. With always having dreamed of having his own business, he’s dedicated and passionate about what we are trying to achieve.

Ash’s skills don’t just end with lighting, he isn’t afraid to get behind a sound desk or get dusty in the workshop helping to build your next scenic “WOW” factor.

Polished off with a secret love for special effects or anything that flashes or bangs Ash’s talents are the gift that keeps on giving.

Jordan Richardson-Smith

Sound Specialist

Jordan is the mummy of the group, attempting to keep the boys in line and belly’s full.

Her kind and caring nature doesn’t just stop at the boys, put her behind a sound desk and she will nurse every show from start to finish ensuring it sounds the best it possibly can be.

Wanting to immerse the audience?
Jordan’s attention to detail and excitement for what she does brings every show to the front of the stage.

She loves a good challenge whether it be fitting radio mics discreetly on performers, creating captivating and immersive soundscapes or planning and stage management we would all be left hungry without her. 

Like the boys Jordan is a woman of many talents, lighting, wardrobe or captivating designs is there anything this super mummy can’t do?

Martin 'Big Man' Smith

Set & Stage Specialist

Want to add eye catching scenic elements or a stage for performers to stand on?

Martin is your guy! If it involves getting hands on with wood or metal then Martin is at the front of the queue and usually covered in his ‘man glitter’. Building deck for performers or a full working kitchen on stage Martin has the toolbox ready at the door.

You’ll never catch this man near a microphone, he saves that concert for the shower. His passion for beautifully constructed sets full of tricks and hidden surprises will add that last piece to the puzzle and leave the audience wanting more.

You might even find him experimenting with some lights, who doesn’t love to shine a light on something beautiful.